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The Women's March in NYC

Updated: May 5, 2018

Marching in NYC was different experience than the March in DC.

-By Roxanne Mustafa

Organizing the March

If felt like a similar. We made signs at the DB Lampman's Maker Space with Julienne Verdi's group, Move Forward Staten Island. We share lots of laughs and funny stories, witty quotes, important points. But this time we had a few videographers following us. They were watching us. Will Staten Island women show up again and march for hope, equality and women's rights?

"When women speak, things start to happen."

The Staten Island Advance

The biggest difference was the attention we were getting in the press. The Advance, in particular, sent videographer and documentarian Shira Stoll to interview us and follow us during the march. She joined us the week prior and started to collect stories. She interviewed Lorie Honor and I prior to the march and then she followed us out as we walked to ferry where SIWWM were to meet with all the other local groups. At the ferry terminal, they also interviewed Julienne, who spoke passionately about the Women's rights, domestic partner violence and immigrant rights as the main issues she marches for. They also interviewed Terry Troia, who became emotional about the immigrant rights she marches for. They also interview SIWWM daughters Talia and Aja Bennet and Lucy Selzer. How special it was for them to speak and show the world their signs and what they march for.

New York Came Out, Again

When women speak up, things start to happen.

To be continued...

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