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Our members won 50 seats on Staten Island’s Democratic County Committee in the Primary Election! 


Historically, County Committee had been comprised of mostly political insiders. SIWWM will infuse the County Committee with the hallmark energy of its grassroots activism.


The new members will focus on transparency in the democratic process and creating a level playing field for underrepresented communities.

Congratulations to the new members of Richmond County Committee!

Mina Williams‬

‪Michael Harwood‬

‪Vanessa-Renee Mical‬

‪Ann Marie Selzer‬

‪Kelly Vilar‬

‪Stephanie Wu Winter‬

‪Sarah Blas‬

‪Kira Appelhans‬

‪Luis Hernandez ‬

‪Veronica Gambon ‬

‪Debbie Ramos‬

‪David Engelson‬

‪Stephanie Shavuo‬

‪Karen Jackson‬

‪Rose Uscianowski‬

‪Barbara Kent‬

‪KC Hankins‬

‪Michele Sherry‬

‪Laura LoBianco Sword‬

‪Regina Paleau‬

‪Philippe-Edner Apostol-Marius‬

‪Priscilla Marco‬

‪Zach Emig‬

‪Saman Mahmood‬

‪Patricia Kane‬

Loretta Hoffman Murphy‬

‪Richard-Olivier Marius‬

‪Nicole Bouquio Negron ‬

‪Miguel Negron ‬

‪Gwen E Robinson‬

‪Jasi Robinson‬

‪Neil Berry‬

‪Cindy Voorspuy‬

Michelle ‬Roller

‪Dana Koenigsberg‬

‪Judi Jorgensen‬

‪Rosie Klein‬

‪Kerry Lynn‬

‪Karina Weinstein‬

‪Madhu Shetty‬

‪Elaine Friedland‬

‪Yesenia Mata‬

‪Nicole Donnelly‬

‪Jennifer Dudley‬

‪Stephanie Ward‬

‪Nidhi Khanna‬

‪Michael De Vito Jr.‬

‪Fitim Shabani‬

‪Jessica Spanton‬

‪Andrea Alejandra Gonzales‬

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