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Staten Island Women who March is a progressive, not-for-profit group which aims to lift the voices of women all over Staten Island through engaged citizenry and social action. We respond with compassion and solidarity to those in our community who are most vulnerable, oppressed or marginalized, both historically and in the events unfolding in real time throughout the country and community. 


Our coalition of women on Staten Island was born from the Women's March but now has taken a shift to improve upon and focus on the idea intersectionality of women of Staten Island, specifically those women of the North Shore who voices have been drowned out by the loudest voices on the Island.


SIWWM has grown exponentially as a grassroots organization and has demonstrated organic vitality and endurance on the political scene in a little over a year. The borough’s reputation as a bastion of political conservatism is only a partial picture of a far more complex reality resembling America as a whole more than its sister boroughs.


SIWWM’s explicitly progressive agenda has mobilized a deep well of response from women in diverse communities across Staten Island who desire civic engagement and change that reflects compassion, reform, and forward-thinking policy. Through an action-driven and intersectional lens, SIWWM has become a source for diverse women’s voices.

The members of SIWWM experience encourage ownership and model civic duty through a  process of dialogue, continuous learning, and collaboration with diverse groups across Staten Island who share progressive outlooks and a commitment to women’s issues. We are confident that educating, engaging, empowering, inspiring and elevating women’s political capabilities will result in measurably greater civic engagement across the borough and throughout our city and state.

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