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Sherien Shady and her family

Updated: May 5, 2018

How can a family be ripped apart so easily on Staten Island?

Sherien, her husband and three daughters

While most agree that the immigration system in the United States needs to be modernized and updated, most would also agree that separating law-abiding citizens from their families should not be part of those changes. Although immigration laws currently prevent Wael from re-entering the US for 10 years, there is hope that he will be re-united with Sherien and his 3 daughters sooner. Until that time, community members of Staten Island are committed to supporting Wael’s family, and other law abiding Muslim and Mexican families in their time of need.

Wael Shady, a Staten Island loving husband and father of 3, who was deported to Egypt just last month after living on Staten Island for 16 years.e.

Military State

Wael was deported in early October 2017 after being detained suddenly by ICE (Immigrations Customs Enforcement) on Thursday, August 3 2017 during a regular check-in. The loving father and husband, kind community member and good neighbor, was also the main breadwinner for the family. Wael had no criminal record and had been checking in regularly for years with ICE while actively working toward clearing a path to citizenship for himself, his wife and their DACA daughter, 17 year-old Hana. Their younger daughters, Jana, 14 and Fara, 7 are both US citizens. During the check-in this summer, Wael was detained, placed in solitary confinement for 2 days, imprisoned for two months without having committed or being charged with a crime, and then deported with only a few hours’ notice, unable to say goodbye to his family one last time before boarding a plane to Egypt.

Sherien Shady, wife of Wael, and lauded former PTA president, active community member and mother of Wael’s 3 daughters, lost so much when her husband was taken away back in August. Caring friends and members of the immigration and women’s rights community of Staten Island tried to show their support for this family which has been ripped apart as they navigate this current new and harsher immigration systems.

Staten Island Neighors Come Together

Staten Island Women who March founders, Lorie Honor and Roxanne Mustafa, along with nationally prominent immigrant rights attorney and Staten Island resident, Cesar Vargas hosted a multicultural pre-Thanksgiving potluck at the home of Lorie and Robert Honor on November 19th. A house party of about 30 hopes helped the family by raising $3,000 through attendee donations as well as outside donations from those in the community who want to assist this loving family through the fundraiser event.

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