Celebrating Staten Island Women

Welcome address from Roxanne Mustafa, co-founder of SIWWM, to the SI Women's Breakfast

Good Morning everyone and welcome! Welcome to the first annual Staten Island Women who March Women’s Breakfast. My name is Roxanne Mustafa and I, along with Lorie Honor, am one of the founders of this group. I am so honored to be here in front of you, and with you in this room.

Lorie and I started this group in January 2017...January 20, 2017 to be specific.We were in the midst of what was to be a huge victory for women. But we plummeted into huge disappointment and shock. Before we could start reflecting on what happened and what that missed opportunity was, we started putting out fires here on Staten Island. Fire after fire after fire, that left us wondering when are we going to catch our breath and talk about what we lost. This group was forged in that fire.

Don’t oppressors know that it is in these times of trial one truly finds out what they are made of, what they are willing to take and what they stand for?  Particularly, New York women. Specifically, Staten Island women.

As women, when we see something that needs to be done, we do it. We just get it done. We don’t have time to waste, or sometime even questions to ask. We see what we have, we figure out what we need, and we get scrappy and we get it done. We know when our family is in need, what they need and we how best to deliver that solution. Day after day after day, we just do it. We just get it done. Am I right?

Now I am not saying we do this alone. God knows I would not be here without my husband, my father and my mother, my brothers, my sister, and my beautiful friends, many of whom are sitting here. It does take a village and sometimes it does take a community. And Staten Island is our community.

As women, we are determined to make each day a little bit better for our families. As Staten Island Women who March, we are applying this same tenacity and character and purpose, as a group, to make not just our homes better, but to make our community reflect the values that we all share. We are so blessed to have found each other. And god help the person who stands in front of us.

Let me take a minute to acknowledge the amazing women who have worked so hard to make this event possible .

Jennifer Gray-Brumskine

Michelle Roller

Nicole Negron

Tal Jasmin

And our secret weapon, Karen Lanovoi.