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Join us as we come together to move CD11 forward with our partners, Vote Forward and Fight for a Better America to write letters together to the voters of CD11. 

We have joined the Vote Forward effort to flip districts blue with their personalized letter writing technique, along with other districts such as Texas 23, Florida 27, Ohio 12, and California 20 and 48, among others.

Research shows that personalized letters targeted to voters can encourage them to show up to vote as much as canvassing and phone banking. In an Alabama district in 2017, voter turn out among unlikely voters was increased by 3.9 percentage points. 

There is more than one way to participate.


  • View the calendar below and join the multiple letter writing parties.

  • Contact us for more information on how to join the letter writing effort. 

  • Go to to adopt CD11 voters on your own. Be sure to mention SIWWM as you sign up.

  • Donate to the gofundme to help raise funds for stamps and envelopes.

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